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[audio]The Green Slime Theme Song - Bill D. Courtney
SAMPLE of The Green Slime Theme Song. Not the complete song, sorry.
Keywords: Green Slime
Downloads: 103
The raw
Keywords: slime tv
Downloads: 19
[audio]Slime Wire Episode 21
Slime Wire Episode 21
Keywords: Slime Wire Episode 21
Downloads: 50
[audio]Slime 4 Music Preview - Project-11
Slime 4 Music Preview
Keywords: Slime 4 Music Preview
Downloads: 19
[audio]Slime City Massacre (2010) - Gruesome Hertzogg Horror Movie Review
Slime City Massacre (2010)
Keywords: Slime City Massacre (2010)
Downloads: 30
[audio]Sputnik Booster - Deutschland muss sterben (Slime Cover) - Sputnik Booster
Deutschland muss sterben (Slime Cover)
Keywords: cc; Sputnik Booster; Slime
Downloads: 627
[movies]The Slime People - trailer
Preview of a movie about subterraianean creatures taking over the world.
Keywords: trailer; horror; slime
Downloads: 565
[movies]Using the SLIME Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs
A video showing how to use SLIME to develop Common Lisp code with emacs. While the manual can give lots of information, and a tutorial can walk you through getting started, this video shows how an expert uses SLIME, and it provides inspiration even for people who have been programming Lisp with SLIME for a while and just haven't had time to look at all the features.
Keywords: lisp; slime; emacs
Downloads: 2,621 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Caustic Soda - S02E22 - Slime - Caustic Soda
Snottites, star jelly, caca de luna, hagfish slime, marine mucilage, sneeze modellers, snail slime cream, and all things slimy!
Keywords: podcast; Caustic Soda; slime
Downloads: 1,953
Downloads: 15
[audio]SWORD: Metric Slime - mangoSleeves
mangoSleeves album recorded September 2007
Keywords: SWORD: Metric Slime; mangoSleeves; SAC
Downloads: 48
[texts]Generos_de_Myxomycetes - Alcides Ribeiro Teixeira
A condensed revision of the genera of the Myxomycetes. In Portuguese.
Keywords: Myxomycetes; Myxomycota; Myxostelida; slime molds
Downloads: 237
[unknown]Jon_Vaughn-Horror_Comix_001 - Jon Vaughn
HORROR COMIX #1 36 pages, 18 jpegs Jan - Feb 2010
Keywords: Comix; Comics; Drawings; Psychedelic; Horror; Cartoon; Slime
Downloads: 234
[audio]FFTC060 - Mike and Marty
Welcome one and all, back to the cave for episode sixty! We have a really interesting examination of some of the films of acclaimed Japanese auteur Kinji Fukasaku. Beginning in the early sixties Fukasaku embarked on a career that would go on to span four decades and see him try his hand in nearly every genre. First up for us is 1968's The Green Slime. This is a gloriously action packed chunk of cinematic cheese, and I mean that in the best possible way...
Keywords: fukasaku; green slime; podcast; battle royale
Downloads: 40
[texts]New Atari User - Issue 061 (1993-04)(Page 6 Publishing)
New Atari User - Issue 061 (1993-04)(Page 6 Publishing)
Keywords: atari; games; mailbag; blasters; xuxe; slime; disk; graphics; programming; routine; xuxe games; slime blasters
Downloads: 37
[audio]New World Notes 226 - Pink Slime, Meat Glue, Local Blueberries, and the Constitution - Kenneth Dowst
30-minute radio program for July 3, 2012. Getting less out-of-touch with nature through consuming local produce and Papua New Guinea coffee. Recent petty scandals in the meat industry (Pink Slime, "meat glue") get exposed in the corporate news media ... but not the industry's REAL crimes and scandals. New product at the supermarket: "water enhancer." Summing it all up, Alexander Cockburn argues that our U.S...
Keywords: agriculture; meat; pink slime; meat glue; transglutaminase; fascism; Alexander Cockburn
Downloads: 30
[audio]Neurobiology, Slime Mold and Pseudo-Orientations in Time - Richard M. Gray, Ph.D.
This is a conference presentation from the 2010 Conference of the Institute for the Advanced Study of Health in San Francisco, California on October 31, 2010. The presentation links neural patterns of learning, Provocative Therapy, Slime mold, and quantum physics to pseudo orientations in time. There is a ten minute trance beginning at the 59 minute mark. Questions follow at I:07
Keywords: NLP; Provocative therapy; Reconsolidation; PTSD; Slime mold; Quantum Physics
Downloads: 102
[audio]diffusion2012-10-22 - Diffusion Science Radio
Cute science, Smart slime and Beard beer Ian Woolf reports on Cute Science, Beard beer, Alpha Centauri B's planet and HIV milk - with comments from Julie-Anne Popple and Arwen Cross. Julie-Anne Popple speaks with Chris Reid, a biologist from the University of Sydney, about the memory of slime moulds. Presented by Julie-Anne Popple, Produced by Ian Woolf
Keywords: science; Diffusion; slime mould; kawaii; cute; beer; astronomy; expoplanet; HIV
Downloads: 794
[texts]Slime Street Bloody Haze Live 2010 2012 Ctrlvlv 044
Slime Street - Bloody Haze - Live 2010-2012 -
Keywords: Slime Street - Bloody Haze - Live 2010-2012 -
Downloads: 233
[movies]Chemistry in Action: Profiles of MIT Researchers
Instructor(s): Jacquin Niles; Liz Nolan; Katharina RibbeckThis collection of videos highlights the inspiring chemistry research done by three professors at MIT.Professor Jacquin Niles discusses growing up in the small Caribbean nation of Anguilla and how that inspired him to study the cause and prevention of malaria. Professor Liz Nolan researches the ways in which bacteria interact with the human body...
Keywords: chemistry; lab; biochemistry; malaria; slime; mucus; bacteria; inspirational; video
Downloads: 875
[texts]VGMUSEUM: Rainbird Software: blacklamp manual
VGMUSEUM: Rainbird Software: blacklamp manual
Keywords: jack; lamps; lamp; atari; enemies; dragon; cbm; slime; objects; bonus; black lamp; bonus objects; slime witch; score table
Downloads: 6
[texts]VGMUSEUM: Sierra On-Line: sq2 manual
VGMUSEUM: Sierra On-Line: sq2 manual
Keywords: press; buckazoids; orbital; shuttle; sierra; xenon; space; quest; animated; slime; space quest; orbital station; xenon orbital; animated adventure; antarean slime
Downloads: 8
[texts]VGMUSEUM: Texas Instruments 99/4a: huntwumpus manual
VGMUSEUM: Texas Instruments 99/4a: huntwumpus manual
Keywords: wumpus; texas; maze; cavern; instruments; module; slime; caverns; hunt; computer; texas instruments; slime pit; maze difficulty; master title; wired remote; slime pits; shift key; implied warranties; command module; static electricity
Downloads: 9
[texts]Hunt the Wumpus - Texas Instruments
Hunt the Wumpus from Texas Instruments.
Keywords: wumpus; texas; maze; module; slime; caverns; cavern; instruments; computer; hunt; shift key; implied warranties; texas instruments; command module; maze difficulty; slime pits; static electricity; master title; slime pit; wired remote
Downloads: 62
[texts]Time Lost - A Computer Adventure (1983)(Que Publishing)

Keywords: position; timelost; missile; poke; monster; slime; goto; screen; game; slime creatures; cavern monsters; game program; program listing; time lost; missile hit; side missile; slime creature; read dots; alternate character
Downloads: 89
[texts]VGMUSEUM: Rainbird Software: blacklamp alt manual
VGMUSEUM: Rainbird Software: blacklamp alt manual
Keywords: points; lamp; objects; jack; lamps; bonus; draqon; spectrum; slime; quest; bonus objects; points points; black lamp; slime witch; press play; indoor scenes; high score
Downloads: 7
[audio]TFR160 - Gore Obsessed - Slime City Massacre - Gore Obsessed
GORE OBSESSED - Slime City Massacre EP RELEASED: 2010 Lyrics inspired by 80's Slime Splatter Gore movies 1. Hobo Holocaust (Street Trash) 2. Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller 3. What's in the Basket? (Basket Case) 4. Slime City Massacre 5. The Toxic Avenger 6. Buckets of Gore, Slime & Puke Mixed and Mastered by Justin, October 2010 Recorded, Mix & Mastered 100% RAW & D.I.Y! All music and lyrics written by Justin GORE OBSESSED Released on Torn Flesh Reco...
Keywords: GORE; OBSESSED; Slime; City; Massacre; EP; Torn; Flesh; Records; Death; Metal; Grindcore; Horror; Slime; Splatter; Movies; Basket; Case; The; Toxic; Avenger; Street; Trash; CHUD
Downloads: 32,999 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]radio culinair show #08 031212 - executive chef b
Sunday NYTimes coverage of factory farmed chicken vs soy based protein "chicken": stats show that americans are eating less animal product. Non-agrogiant studies show that vegetable based diets are better for humans and the earth. If you must eat animals or their products, (eggs, milk, cheese) why would you eat something that's been tortured, abused, filled with antibiotics and synthetic growth hormones, and chemicals...
Keywords: pink slime; meat; environment; regime; diet; health; dr. farm; chicken; pig; cow; ranch
Downloads: 12
[audio]VICTORIA DE MARE 03052013 Final - JOHN GINDER
Downloads: 31
[audio]Junk Food Dinner: From the Vault #2 - Kevin Moss, Mark Freado Jr, Parker Bowman
Way back in October, Spectacle Theater played host to writer, producer, director, professor, root beer enthusiast - Roy Frumkes. Mr. Frumkes presented a selection of short films as well as the feature STREET TRASH. Afterward there was a Q&A and Junk Food Dinner proudly presents that to you now. If you haven't seen STREET TRASH (for shame!) some of this might come out of left field, but there's plenty of great stories and lots of laughs crammed into these 30ish minutes...
Keywords: Spectacle Theater; Roy Frumkes; Street Trash; Q&A; October; Spectober; slime
Downloads: 233
[movies]Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Part 2
Part 2 of Angry Joe and Crews lets play and Angry Review of Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime.
Keywords: video gaming; ghostbusters; sanctum of slime; angry joe; xbla; lets play; game review
Downloads: 12
[movies]Funny or Die Video dfb4cf54f7: Bzzz! - Funny or Die
Time for an exterminator.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; bug; bzzz; dirty; nice; really; slime
Downloads: 2
[movies]Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Part 3 - Final Verdict
The Last Part and Final Verdict for Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime from Angry Joe and the Blistered Thumbs Crew!
Keywords: video gaming; ghostbusters; sanctum of slime; xbla; game review; angry joe; psn; lets play; commentary
Downloads: 5
[audio]Slime Willet DEBUT 45 Hadacol Corners 1952 VINYL RIP.mp3 - alabaster Brown st Louis original music
Slime Willet DEBUT 45 Hadacol Corners 1952 VINYL RIP.mp3Slime Willet DEBUT 45 Hadacol Corners 1952 VINYL RIP.mp3
Keywords: Slime Willet DEBUT 45 Hadacol Corners 1952 VINYL RIP.mp3
Downloads: 53
[texts]British National Party Emergency Bulletin - The Leeds branch of the British National Party
A PDF scan of a one-sided A4 leaflet which was apparently mailed out around the end of December 1994. Around April 1995, the same people published a 63 page booklet called "White Lies".
Keywords: agents provocateurs; British National Party; Gerry Gable; Searchlight magazine; Semitic slime
Downloads: 38
[audio]Hollow Earth Society, "Beyond U: The Organism That Therefore the Academy Is" - BABEL Working Group
Hollow Earth Society's performance, "Beyond U: The Organism That Therefore the Academy Is," at the symposium, "Critical/Liberal/Arts 2" @The Graduate Center, CUNY on September 27, 2013, co-sponsored by the BABEL Working Group, punctum books, and the Medieval Studies Certificate Program + the PhD Program in English at The Graduate Center, CUNY.
Keywords: para-academia; MOOCs; slime mold; actor-networks; speculative realism; culinary eliminativism
Downloads: 13
[movies]The Green Slime 1968 Complete Theme Trailer Music Video -
The Green Slime 1968 Complete Theme Trailer will be used in our site at .. Direct link to our Sci-fi movies is
Keywords: The Green Slime 1968 Complete Theme Trailer; music video;
Downloads: 439
[audio]TFR997 - Slugdge - Born of Slime - Slugdge
Slugdge - Born of Slime 01 - All Shell Perish 02 - Slime Traveler 03 - Eyehatesalt 04 - Killing Fields 05 - Pod Hates Us All 06 - Deus Ex Mollusca 07 - War Prayer of Slish 08 - Day of Sludgement Slugdge is Matt Moss Kev Pearson DOWNLOAD NOW Music & Lyrics by Matt Moss & Kev Pearson. Additional Lyrics for "Killing Field" by Laurence Beer. Cover art by Zen O'Conor...
Keywords: Slugdge; Born; of; Slime; Blackened; Death; Metal; Melodic; Progressive; Sludge; United; Kingdom; Torn; Flesh; Records
Downloads: 220
[movies]The Green Slime 1968 Sci-Fi Movie Trailer -
The Green Slime 1968 Sci-Fi Movie Trailer - we will be showing this and other movie trailers with movies on our site at This is direct link to our sci-fi movie section
Keywords: The Green Slime; 1968; Sci-Fi; Movie Trailer;
Downloads: 5,660
[texts]MSX-FAN (1993-01)(Tokuma Shoten Intermedia)(JP)
MSX-FAN (1993-01)(Tokuma Shoten Intermedia)(JP)
Keywords: data; msx; fori; equ; turbo; goto; locate; slm; slime; lzh; msx turbo; data data; magic battle; nnn nnn; game maker; fan scoop; fan attack; delvindus easy; tim msx; land slime
Downloads: 442
[audio]What I dream about you - Music, Rebellion, Youth, Independence - Pumupal
This is an audio piece documentary style, exposing the thoughts and music of the young independent musician in London and UK in general. There are 9 bands/artitsts here which gives an overview of what is like to be a musician for the shake of it. The 9 bands/artists are and appear in this order: One Man Team Dance, Waiters, Sex Hands, Bbblood, The Ludds, Strange Hands, Yucky Slime, Fantasy Rainbow, Dolfinz...
Keywords: music; independent; documentary; One man team dance; Waiters; Sex Hands; bbblood; Thee Ludds; Strange Hands; Yucky Slime; fantasy rainbow; Dolfinz
Downloads: 65
[audio]The Agreeable Brains Ep 86 - The Agreeable Brains
Scott wants to play a game and Chad visits Defiance. We sleepwalk to meet some artizens and fake bands and then investigate some slime with our Spaceteam. Theme song by Human Puppet.
Keywords: Podcast; Sleepwalk with Me; Comedy Bang Bang; Skylanders; Swap Force; Destiny; Defiance; Artizens; Spaceteam; Star Wars; Slime
Downloads: 75
[audio]unce upon a moldlight drooly
01 we are we in everything [2:15] 02 machines hum [1:42] 03 born 2B continued [5:49] 04 ghetto babylon [1:22] 05 i make shock jock nervous and give him sour stomachs [5:47] 06 serpent destroyer [1:05] 07 groznyj (cameras make goats out of people) [6:00] 08 unce upon a moldlight drooly [2:03] 09 mystery train [7:23] 10 fuck ghouls [3:59] 11 ext crown mortal [1:17]
Keywords: stompin'; buzzin'; teeth; tongue; mountain; wickedness; serpent; bones; serpent bones; arriba!; moaning head; slime; chu-mang; sphinx
Downloads: 60
[texts]VGMUSEUM: Miscellaneous: coromtwin corommanual
VGMUSEUM: Miscellaneous: coromtwin corommanual
Keywords: spells; strength; armor; sword; monsters; magic; targoth; spell; hit; slime; hit strength; cuts hit; fire button; cut strength
Downloads: 7
[texts]Apple Manual: Space Quest 2 Manual
Apple Manual: Space Quest 2 Manual
Keywords: press; shuttle; orbital; sierra; buckaioids; xenon; space; quest; animated; slime; space quest; orbital station; xenon orbital; animated adventure; shuttle bay
Downloads: 22
[audio]Pearson is like Shopping at Walmart - ENT #20 06-05-2012 - Kirsten Winkler | EDUKWEST
Links to articles: ENT with: Smarterer, Teach Twice, TwitchTV Gamer scholarship, pink slime, UoPeople, 3G Coverage, Sesame Street & more.
Keywords: Smarterer; Teach Twice; TwitchTV Gamer scholarship; pink slime; UoPeople; 3G Coverage; Sesame Street; education system ranking
Downloads: 55
[movies]Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Review
Angry Joe along with a brave team of Blistered Thumbs staff members, Amanda, Dan, and Shaun play through Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime so you don't have to! The supposed sequel to the 2009 GB Video Game!
Keywords: video gaming; ghostbusters; sanctum of slime; game review; xlba; xbox; ps3; pc; angry joe; lets play; commentary
Downloads: 7
[texts]Sur le genre Strasburgérie considere comme type d'une famille nouvelle, les Strasburgériacées (Volume t. 17 (1903))

Keywords: floral anatomy; Slime Secretory elements: Mucilage Mucilage cells; seed anatomy Mucilage cells Strasburgeriaceae; floral; leaf; petiole; New Caledonia Stem
Downloads: 72
[audio]radio culinair show #14 042312 - executive chef b
Skyrocketing gas and fuel prices are reflected in the stores: fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, canned goods are all jumping up in price. The agro and gas giants that control the Gov't via lobbiest and payola are setting themselves up for a fall. More consumers are purchasing local groceries as they are now becoming cost competitive. More people are avoiding eating meat and dairy and substituting plant based foods in their diet to make ends meet Go into any working or low income area and there are...
Keywords: food dessert; consultant; chef; cook; Obama; FDA; USDA; conservative; lobby; gas prices; vegetable; vegetarian; cereal; sugar; diet; regime; supermarket; fish; meat; pink slime; waste product
Downloads: 5
[movies]Sketch Lab: Egg-sters
If you wanna play with the big boys you'd better have a thick shell.
Keywords: comedy; ask; a; ninja; qna; comedy; easter; bunny; egg; eggs; splatter; gooey; gak; slime; candy; mobster; mobsters; sopranos; wives; mob; organized; crime; wire
Downloads: 12
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